Nail Art For Beginners

Questions & answers:

Can we do our own pedicure or manicure at home?

  • Yes we can but maybe it’s not pretty and perfect like pro because nail experts/technicians do them over and over again and again hourly; us? one a week or one a month or 2/3 times a year.
  • Here are what we need to have in order taking care of our own nails:
    – nail polish, nail polish remover, nail trimmer, cuticle remover, paper towels, cotton balls

Videos & fun stuffs:

  • If you’re looking something for fun with a very low cost, then take a look of the following video playlist…
  • For more videos, press the 3 horizontal lines on the top left corner of the following video screen.
  • The music which used in this video package is classic music…

Nail care ideas: 

  • How to Remove Nail Polish, 2:32
    What do we need?
    an acetone bottle (including acetone liquid)
    cotton (puffs, pads, balls, swabs), napkin papers, tissue papers or toilet papers
  • Manicure Tutorials: How to Cut Nails, 1:31
    What do we need?
    a nail clipper
  • How to Paint Your Nail
    What do we need?
    a base coat, a nail polish bottle, a top coat

How to become a nail art expert?

  • Practice… Practice… Practice…
  • When our hand skill strong enough, we can fly the brush on other nails…
  • Do you agree?

How nail polish colors look like on your real fingernails:

How much does it cost?

  • 99 cent a bottle of Wild Shine Nail Color (Wet N Wild)

Here are some nail polish colors of Wet N Wild (Wild Shine Nail Color) brand I have done so far:

  • Do Pass Go, 9:19
  • Grape Minds Think Alike, 6:52
  • Bijou Blue, 4:54